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GoKane Golf

Our strategy is to establish long-term partnerships between sponsors and golf courses across Europe, by maximizing the advertising potential of the sponsor by branding their name and logo on Golf Practice balls across driving ranges, whilst enhancing the golfer's experience.

A European Opportunity that can become Global 

Enter into an Exciting Partnership with a Sustainable New Market Strategy

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About our Business

GoKane Golf was founded in 2022 by Andrew O'Toole, based on a simple yet powerful idea; to have a better and more consistent quality of practice balls, and to provide a sustainable solution that would be better served through sponsorship.


Our main objective is to partner sponsors with golf courses across Europe to brand golf practice balls, enabling sponsors to increase their brand awareness within the expanding golfing communities.

Our Team

Andrew O'Toole

President of GoKane Golf

Elliott O'Toole

Associate of GoKane Golf

Luis Ivañez

Agent at GoKane Golf

Majid Sabi

Brand Ambassador of GoKane Golf

Our Services

Boost your brand's visibility and gain wider recognition with our high-quality 2-piece practice balls, customized with your name and logo for maximum impact within the golfing communities.


GoKane will supply range balls to the golf courses, with the sponsor’s brand, providing a unique and innovative approach to brand advertising.

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